Ableton disconnecting/dropping Grid

Hello All, I am sure this has been discussed already, and probably on the Discord group that I am not on at present. That said, any help would be appreciated:

Using Windows 10. In the past, my Grid devices would disconnect from Ableton during my live sets. Lately, it’s happening ALL the time and it’s a serious problem for my performances. I’ve done these things: 1. update the firmware (always), 2. in Windows Device Manager I ensure that the power is never turned off on my USB connections, 3. I have all the boxes checked for Intech in the Ableton MIDI preferences (both in and out). What’s going on here?! My other USB peripherals do not get

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What are the bootloader versions on the modules?
What is their name when you connect them in “removable device mode” to the computer?

It can be that they require a bootloader update if you haven’t done it already:

When a module disconnect happens, you need to plug out and in the connected module to get back up?

@PHINYX hey !
Had same issue on Mac
Updating the bootload and firmware solved the usb problem here,
but @kertikristof now i have some bugs on the grid editor and value parameter

Is it apparent after a module clear?

I’m not sure if there was any breaking changes with module configurations since the bootloader update - can be a corrupt config causing issues on the module.

it started when i updated bootloader, dont know much more.
I reinstalled the GRID software, but it keeps acting weird, there is a way to do a complete clean software reset of my EF44 ?

@kertikristof I found the issue.
Upgrading the EF44 firmware to latest version ( 1.2.28 ) it creates an issue where faders act weird and without control,
Downgrading firmware to 1.2.27 everything works fine.

Firmware 1.2.29 fixed the value problem!