Basic Requirements

So, I am interested in using grid controllers primarily with my Elektron gear. I use a an iPad for some interesting synth and granular apps but generally stay away using computers for music making. I do not even personally own a desk/laptop. I want to know how easy it is to set up these encoders to manipulate controls on my Elektron gear. It seems like I will need Knot and whatever Grid devices I want to use. Is there a way integrate the Grid/Knot combo to control parameters on, say, my Digitone without any intermediary step using a computer? Can I use my iPad as a set-up intermediary? I do have access to computers to configure a Grid if that is what I need, I am just trying to wrap my head around what my workflow will look like if I attempt to integrate these cool looking devices.

Hi! Grid controllers store their settings once they are configured - but at least once you will need to tweak the modules to use the Elektron box’s desired MIDI parameters based on their manual.

Although we made recently available the Editor on the web, I’m afraid iPad OS does not support the necessary chromium version of browsers for configuration. So a computer will be required for the initial setup.

You can use either Knot or an other USB MIDI Host from Dore MIDI, Kenton or else to connect Grid with your instument(s).

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