Changing snap position changes Page

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Before I bought my Grids I watched a bunch of the firmware update videos on your Youtube channel. One of them mentioned that there was a way to change which Page the Grids were on depending on what orientation they were snapped together. But now I can’t find which video that was discussed in. Can you point me to the correct one or give a quick hint on what I should be looking at to use that functionality?

Thanks! Super impressed with my EN16s!

I think we mentioned that you can have different settings activated, when the orientation of the module changes.

I would not recommend to change the active page itself. When connecting a new Grid module, they try to communicate with each other which page should be loaded and Grid doesn’t like an interruption in this.

What I do recommend, is checking the module_rotation() function’s value. In the 4 different positions, this function can return 0,1,2 or 3.

You can assign the channel to this value to allow different mapping of Grid in the different positions.

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