Creating Encoder sending relative values

I am just trying to find out how I can get my encoders to send relative midi CC values. One other controller with encoders I own sends CC with the value of 1 for every clockwise turn and with the value of 65 for every counter-clockwise turn. I don’t know whether this is the standard for relative CC, however, Cubase remote control handles this as expected and I can use that encoder for something like quick controls.

I would like to do the same for my 4 grid encoders. I found an older YT-video in which there was an option in the editor to set the value relative, but the editor has changed completely since then and I cannot find that option in the new version. I also could not find a preset of this (although I found one cool preset that lets me use the encoder like a mouse wheel). I guess I could learn the scripting and get it like that, but I don’t have the time to learn that at the moment. Could you point me to an easy way how to set the encoders to sending relative values?


Hey, sorry about the late reply here - if you haven’t found a solution yet, give a try for the “encoder mode” action block. That handles quickly changing the encoder modes.

We also have a short cubase guide, that might give other ideas how things could be controlled:

Thanks for the links. I figured it out meanwhile. The grid editor is a bit daunting when you start, but I really like how flexible it is. So, no complaints from me! :smiley: