Don’t share page change?

Hello! Im wondering if it’s possible to make it so that changing page on one module doesn’t change page on other connected modules?


It’s not possible by design.

Pages are like a full workspace on an interconnected control surface.

If you want to have “pseudo” pages, you can create them in various ways.
Here is an idea to do it on an encoder:

  1. Button mode is set to toggle, so we get easily two states
  2. We check this button value to change the ch usually found in Locals and use it with the midi_send (or other function) under the encoder.
-- Init event
self:button_mode(1) -- set to toggle

-- Encoder event
if self:button_value() == 0 then
  ch = 0
  ch = 1

If coding is not your thing, let me know your module type and brief idea for such a config - happy to send a profile.

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