EN16 with Syntakt

I’ve been trying for several hours to get my EN16 to control Syntakt. This is the most complicated controller and editor I have encountered. Usually I can backward problem solve into a solution with these kinds of things, but no go on this one. To start, I would love just to control track volumes via an encoder. Tracks are Midi Channels 1 thru 12, and the volume CC track level is 95. I’ve watched several videos, read through much of the documentation, searched reddit, and documentation. Any help out there? Thank you.

I’d like to add that the EN16 is hooked up to the Syntakt by a Midi Encoder and will send notes to channels 1- 4 on the Syntakt upon a button push.

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While yes, the tracks on the ST are controlled by MIDI channels 1-12, Grid and Editor use values from 0 for every variable.

This means that when creating a MIDI Action for let’s say controlling volume for Track 3, you would have to create something like this:


This would send a MIDI message on the third MIDI channel, because 0,1,(2) would be the third.

I hope this was the issue here, because if it’s not, I just overexplained the MIDI channel thing…

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What do you mean by this? What specific device are you using and is it sitting in between the EN16 and the Syntakt?

As @narayb described, this is a really straightforward thing to setup. You just need to be aware that, instead of MIDI channels 1-16, Grid uses 0-15. If all it were was a channel mismatch, you’d have this working but the wrong track’s volume would be controlled.

Can you elaborate on the MIDI Encoder device? What are the MIDI settings on the Syntakt? Specifically under ‘MIDI Config => Port Config’.


Very much appreciated, narayb and _d4ydream. Your feedback has put me back on track. Turns out, there was a bit of a hardware issue with this new DoreMidi USB Host. Between the off set of the channels, the fact that my initial CC efforts were on the FX track, and the hardware issue, I was not catching onto what was happening. After unplugging and replugging the USB host, everything seems to be lining up now. Thank you so much!!


Happy you got it sorted out :slight_smile:

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