Expanding Grid with integrations

Lately we had our attention on two things:

  • transitioning the controller lineup to Grid 2.0;
  • release Profile Cloud, where configurations can be easily shared.

We are now happy with the hardware, the quality has improved a lot. Software wise, we still have work to do on the Profile Cloud. I think it’s a nice foundation for any future expansion of Grid/Editor software, as it will help the getting started experience for new users, while giving inspiration for current user base.

I think, we are ready to move on to a new chapter to put focus on. We will continue to make our current products better, but it’s also time to discover new uses for Grid by creating integrations.

We have already some integrations on our mind, but it would be best if you could share your ideas with us and figure out the future of Grid together!

To bring more ideas to the table from the community, we started a public feature request board and made public our integration roadmap, which will be the compilation of the ideas. Eventually everything is translated into GitHub issues.

We want to move forward with an open mindset and put effort on things you care about.

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