Experiencing some lag with Knot

Dear Intech-Team,
first of all: I love Grid!
It is exactly what I was looking for regarding the programmability.
But there is one thing I have noticed with Knot.

I use Grid (3 x PBF4) to controll the Elektron Digitakt via Knot.
Grid → Knot → Digitakt
The moment I perform on more than 3 faders at the same time, it seems like the Digitakt is not getting all the data I’m sending from Grid.
Some of the controlled parameters in the Digitakt don’t land up where they should or barely move.
It seems like it’s lagging and then loosing information or something like that.

I testet my Grid Setup with Cubase doing the same thing directly over USB and it works perfectly.
Grid → Computer (Cubase)

Same thing using my Computer as USB-Midi-Patch-Device and connecting Grid with Digitakt via USB and it works perfectly.
Grid → Computer → Digitakt

Then I tried:
Grid → Computer → old USB to MIDI Cable/Interface → Digitakt
and this as well, worked perfectly.

Finally I tried:
Grid → Knot → old USB to MIDI Cable/Interface → Computer (Cubase)
…there I had the same issues with controlling Cubase like in the original Setup (Grid → Knot → Digitakt)
So I assume it is an issue with Knot.

Am I doing something wrong?
Is there something else I have to consider?
Can I do something about it or is it just the nature of using a USB to MIDI Host? (I don’t have any other similar device to test and compare)

Can you help me?

I also wanted to try a Firmware Update on Knot but I could not find information about the firmware Update process.
When I connect Knot the computer, the Grid Editor does not react in any way.
So I don’t really know how to update the firmware, if it would be necessary.

Thank you and kind regards

We’re working on a Knot firmware update which might address these issues. Stay tuned!

You can update Knot by doing the same thing you do with Grid modules: plug Knot into Editor while its front panel button is pressed and you’ll be prompted with an update message.

Thanks for your reply - I’ll stay tuned.
The update process works as you explained. :slight_smile: