Extension cable to connect two grid modules

It would be useful if there would be an extension cable to connect two Grid modules with each other for situations where it’s not feasible to connect them directly.

My use-case:
I use my Grid controllers in a very space constrained situation (basically a pedal board but with synths) where each centimetre counts. It needs lots of Tetris thinking, angled (DIY) plugs etc. The smaller and flexible each component is, the easier it can be integrated into my setup. In this particular case I use the Grid to control the 1010music bluebox. This means that I have to connect the controllers to each other because the bluebox can only host a single MIDI controller via USB. DIN MIDI isn’t an option because it would complicate things and degrade responsiveness.

Would this extension cable use the existing magnetic/pogo pin interface or the USB c port of the modules?

My vision was a cable which uses the magnetic pin interface. If it’s done right it could also safe space because USB-C connectors take up space as well.

I don’t know how it could even work with the USB-C port because the cable would occupy all ports in case of a 1:1 connection so there’s no port left to connect the module to the host.