Fader Caps Size


I just received my first grid controllers containing the fader and rotary controller element. Really nice! However, after some testing I quickly realized that the fader caps are IMO not ideal for cc-1 riding (like modulation wheel). On your website, you offer fader caps, however, I would prefer different colors for each fader and also the shipping costs more than the caps themselves. The Fader pin looks like it’s 4mm. Can I just buy any fader cap with a cavity of 4mm? I like typical mixer caps, as you can easily ride back and fourth without having to reposition your fingers. Most of them are 26 or 24 mm long. So, they will cover up the light on top position, but They won’t come in contact with the knob.

Hi! The mixer style fader caps are from Sifam and you are right, it’s a 4mm variant. Our slider shafts have a strict 4mm size, without any bevel. If you have at home a mixer with mixer style fader caps, try to switch for those first to get better idea what you should order.

Please note, the below link might be not the exact match, I pulled this up from memory, without cross checking our parts database.


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Thank you very much Krostof!