How to achieve anti ghosting

I’m all new on intech studio grid editor and I´m not that good of a coder. I’m using grid for Resolume Arena, and sometimes during gig I accidentally press the button twice - which can be really bad =).

Can someone please help me how I achieve this?

Best, Michael

Hey, I’m unfamiliar with “ghosting”, could you please give a bit more info what could be done here?

Ok. Its when you accidentally press the button twice.i would like to make sure that the button only gets pressad once in one second No katter how lamt Tones the buttpn is pressed urintest that second.


If it’s actual ghosting you’re worried about that’s happening on your module, a simple check to see if the button was pressed in the last half second would suffice.

You could achieve this like so:

This would cause Grid to only send out a MIDI message if you haven’t sent one already in the last 500 milliseconds.

Hopefully this helps!

Wow. Great! Exactly. Manny thanks to you!!!

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