How to create Pitch Wheel value from 10 bit fader

Hi all,
I’m trying to send hi res values using the faders, it looks they can handle 10 bit range (0-1023) and i would like to create a pitch wheel output using this value.
I don’t see any straigh forward way to create pitch whell values in the Midi 14 bits tab, so i’m using the regular Midi message tab with a command = 224 (Pitch on channel 0)
I’m not familiar with Lua, but other languages.
My very first try is:
num = self:potmeter_value()/8
val = self:potmeter_value()%128
but the num doesn’t work as expected.

Any tip?

Ok, i got it

Better with auto channel selection along pages, but i don’t know why i have to substract 4 at the end.

I know now, Fader Element index start at 4

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