Incomplete storage from Editor to Grid

I have two EN16s and I’ve used the editor to create a layout that I’m happy with. When I go to store the settings to the Grids around half of the encoders lose their Button and Encoder settings, so if I unplug the Grids and plug them back in, half of them have the correct color from the Init but none of the settings for Button and Encoder are stored. I have been able to to save the setups to Presets so I can load them with the Editor but I would like to be able to permanently store them so I don’t have to manually load the presets everytime. Any ideas on what the problem might be?

Generate a link for the profiles you try to save and link 'em here. I can look into the profiles if there are any misconfigurations at play.

Here you go:

Seems to be a bug in the editor. I’m changing stuff then storing it, and yet the changes don’t persist after disconnecting and re-connecting module.
E.g. I change some buttons’ channels from ch to a specific number, store it, and when I re-open the channels have reverted to ch.

@iiii I have checked the profiles. Seems to be all in working order.

I have used on the controller plugged (TOP) in to the Editor fw version 1.2.27 and the other EN16 with fw version 1.2.23 (BOTTOM). Both profiles went to the modules asap. Before storing, I hit “clear” in Grid Editor and did the store like that.

Others have reported inconsistencies with profile saves, we are investigating if this is an Editor or Firmware side issue.

Yes, if I make my adjustments to the configuration, save it to a preset, then clear the grid, then load the preset, then store it, it does finally save all the setting when I reconnect the Grid.

It would be great if storing the configuration could be stored directly from making the adjustments, but it sounds like you’re working on it. Thanks!

Saw this again today when editing new modules. Changed utility button code block from default page change to send midi note. Stored on all pages. Later tried to revert back to page change; edited the code blocks back to default page change and stored, but after disconnecting and re-connecting module, it was back on midi notes code in code block, change hadn’t been stored after all.
Tried many times without success, then got it by just adding another blank codeblock under the first one to the utility and storing that.

Don’t know if any of this is useful but the issue was certainly an annoyance before I got it stored properly :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re working on it in the 1.2.47 update. Should fix all these bugs with blocks not getting properly overwritten or delete not working properly. Should be out in about a week or so!