Keyboard and Mouse Actions for Grid 2 controllers

When will this functionality be restored for Grid 2 controllers?

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It’s supposed to be working on current firmware. It was fixed around the end of August I believe.

Oh nice. I’ll have to check this when I get home. I thought I was on the latest and it said these functions were not available yet… I’ll have to check what firmware I’m on.

Can these function mimic mouse click and drag functions? Similar to Nob:


They can! I’m not familiar with Nob’s implementation, but Grid will send HID mouse messages to act like a mouse on your system. Under device managers in different operating systems you should see Grid as a “mouse” peripheral.

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Yeah I don’t think this works… or I’m inept. Very possible. Can you point me towards a preset that shows some of the mouse action functionality and its action blocks to show this is working?

We discussed this on discord, but don’t want this topic hanging.

Made an encoder element preset, where the 3 different mouse axis modes can be used:

  • 1 - X axis
  • 2 - Y axis
  • 3 - Mouse wheel

Preset name is: Mouse takeover VST controller v1.1

The idea of the preset is that the left mouse button is pressed down and the encoder up/down motion sends values on the selected axis (if 1 or 2 is selected). This way you can just hover over a parameter in Ableton and adjust it. After 400 ms (frame) time, a mousebutton release is sent out, so the effect stops.

In other software like in PreSonus Studio One, the mouse wheel (axis 3) can be used instead of the x-y mouse move, it’s a trial and error how this can work.

Make sure to store any mouse or keyboard manipulating actions on Grid before using them.

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