Knot - Feature Request/Suggestion: Additional 'mode' - MIDI Routing/Processing

Hello devs,

Would it be possible to explore the option of a third mode on the Knot? I’m not sure what the underlying platform/OS is but, if a ‘Routing/Processing’ mode could be explored, I could see a ton of feature value being added.


  • Routing mode enabled by cycling through with the ‘Mode’ button on-device.
  • User editable action/code block to do simple translations/routing/filtering through the ‘Editor’ software.


A user wishes to send MIDI events in between Grid modules.

  • The user can setup routing in the ‘Editor’ to loop messages back to the ‘Host’ port.


A user wishes to send MIDI events through ‘Knot’ from either the ‘Host’ or ‘TRS In’ ports but only forward certain events based on conditions.

  • The user can setup a translation/route in the ‘Editor’ to suite their needs (hybrid merge/conditional routing).


A user wants to perform translations on MIDI events i.e.; translating a CC/Value into a ‘Program Change/Bank Select’ message.

  • The user can setup translations in the ‘Editor’.


A user wishes to ‘clean-up’ the MIDI event stream by controlling the flow of MIDI clock.

  • The user can setup MIDI clock filtering in the ‘Editor’.

All that being said, I understand that the Knot was likely originally designed with specs that allow it to perform it’s core duties with room for a little bit of growth. I’m doubtful that the processing and memory would be able to handle a large amount of translations/routing. However, I’m curious is a limited set of translations/routings could be achieved. :thinking:

This would all make Knot into an absolute powerhouse for MIDI event processing. If not feasible on Knot v.1, perhaps a Knot v.2 with a hardware consideration for this type of feature-set.



Thank you for the clear feature request! Both Grid and Knot will undergo a bit of firmware architectural change where we’ll use something called micro instrumentation. The idea is that there will be event handlers exposed from the firmware, which can be configured to react only to specific commands. This is good to keep processing resources at check and give users more granular configuration options over complex things like MIDI processing.

So as far as I can tell, the processor is powerful enough in Knot to do MIDI processing and we do want to bring it to Editor as well. What we do lack is the dev resource to speed up this process.

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