Module sudden firmware crash - latest boot loader (1.23.4)

Hi All,
Since yesterday I am experimenting a new kind of sudden firmware crash of one of my PBF4s. Until before then, I know it could have been caused by an old boot loader. This seems to be a new problem.

I am using a setup with 3 PBF4, 1 PO16, 1 EN16 and 1 BU16, all old hardware. One of the PBF4s - always the same one - occasionally just disappears from the setup. I can see it from the Grid Editor. If it is the one connected to USB, then the whole setup disappears.

I’ve already tried using the module in different position, re-updating the boot loader and the firmware, but the issues appears again. Please help!


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When testing with just that one module plugged in, do you experience any kind of MIDI dropouts as well?
Seems like it’s a different issue from the one described in your other post.

Thanks @narayb , I will try that this weekend.

If your intuition is that I’m not giving enough power to the 6 modules, I can share that I’m using a very high quality Startech powered USB hub, and that the modules are connected to one of its ports that are specialized for charging devices. It should be particularly reliable from that point of view.

I will write again.