NRPN - Assistance Setting/Sending MSB and LSB


I am trying to configure a PO16 to work with NRPN MSB/LSB but I’m not seeing a way to do this. Below is a snip of the MIDI implementation for an Elektron Digitone. At the bottom, you’ll see that ‘Ratio Offsets’ all use NRPN with an MSB of ‘1’ then a specific ‘LSB’. Range is still 0-127. I don’t see a way to set this up in Grid. I’ve never configured NRPNs before because I’ve never had controllers that can handle them (or gear that really uses them). Is this possible? If so, how (preferably with a LUA example using the correct function)?

Edit: Link to the Digitone MIDI implementation.

For my purposes, this works:

midi_send(9, 176, 99, 1)
midi_send(9, 176, 98, 95)
midi_send(9, 176, 6, val)


This article helps a lot and explains what CC 99, 98, and 6 (and 38) do:

  • CC 99 sets the MSB
  • CC 98 sets the LSB
  • CC 6 sets the actual value
  • CC 38 appears to be used optionally to set a ‘Fine’ value. I’m pretty sure it needs to be defined by the vendor though.
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