One (or more) BU16 acting as a Monome Grid

I read a comment on a YouTube thread where someone asked if it was possible, so I thought I’d ask you guys!
I understand the BU16 is created by Intech and is an Intech product (which kicks ass btw) but it would be a great alternative to the Monome itself or a FIY option.

Also, apologies if this topic shouldn’t be here!

I wrote that YT comment, I believe.

What you’d have to do for a setup like that is kind of complex. There is a script called ‘midigrid’ which allows for other types of devices with a grid-like structure to act in the place of a monome grid.

For this to work you’d need at least 4 Grid BU16s and you’d have to ask the ‘midigrid’ dev to adjust his scipt or adjust it yourself.

IMO this is not really a worthwhile effort, since with ‘midigrid’ there are already much cheaper alternatives out there, like two novation lauchpad minis or similar.

Also keep in mind that the scipts themselves also have to be adjusted for ‘midigrid’ to work, and they often just don’t.

My 2 cents is the following:

  • If you want a monome grid alternative the best bet is a DIY one or used monome grids form Reverb;
  • If you’re okay with coding yourself, ‘midigrid’ is a great alternative when used together with cost effective controllers like the novation launchpad minis;
  • Intech Studio Grid BU16s can serve you well in other capacities, like a pocket size keyboard or small sequencer or anything you’d like, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a monome grid replacement, mostly because of the cost of 8xBU16s in quite high, matching the OG grid 128 in price.

Hope this helps!

This clarifies a lot for me Narayb, thanks for that. I find it a good topic to talk about and could spark some creativity. I’ll have a look at the Neotrellis boards for that functionality. Cheers!

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