Parameter value sent to EN16

I’m using an EN16 with Bitwig via the DrivenByMoss generic flexi.
Is it possible to have the plugin values automatically sent to the EN16 so I don’t have to catch the value of the knob every time I change channel/plugin?
There is an option to send value to the midi device (EN16) in the Moss script, but it doesn’t seem to do anything, would I need to code something in the Grid editor alongside that?

Yes, that is definitely possible. But the way it is usually done with encoders is a little bit different. You let the encoders send relative values instead of fixed ones. Then, it will still be valuable to receive the absolute values from your computer, as these can give a visual feedback with the LED lights. For the first part, you need to set the encoders relative which is fairly easy. Then you need to see that your software is processing relative encoder values correctly. There seem to be some different standards, some with acceleration, others without. I don’t know much about it, but I have gotten it to work in Cubase, where 3 different choices of relative encoder standards where offered.

In case you also want to the LEDs to reflect the actual values, you need to set that up in via scripting in the receive midi section of Grid. There is a fairly good example for it to be found in the manual. And generally, you need to put some work into reading the manual before trying to program the controllers. Grid Editor is a bit to complicated to just work out by trial and error …