PBF4 - Error when adding action block

Hi there - apologies if this is a very basic question and I’m missing something really obvious. I’m borrowing a PBF4 from a friend and I would like to a few basic things in the Grid Editor regarding colours.

I add the colour action block, click a different colour, all the LEDs momentarily flash and then I receive an error message e.g. ‘PBF4: Error on Element 8 Button Event’ - the same happens on Potmeters as well. I’m not able to get any further information on the error.

Firmware is up to date and the device is working perfectly with Bitwig but I could really do with being able to change the colours e.g. button toggle red for off, green for on etc.


Only thing I can think about, is that a clean LED Color action block will have a no parameters defined: the LED index and layer parameters are required in order to make a LED Color block work.

This is a default LED Color with a Locals action block. In the LED Number field on the color block you can hardcode the index of the controlled LED too, but the self:element_index() helper function is the easiest way to address the LED, where you want to change color. The Locals on the image has the num variable defined with self:element_index(). On potentiometers/faders and buttons, the layer is 1.

What I can think of why you get the error is either a variable name doesn’t exist on the block (maybe you have indx instead of num) or there is a typo in the action block.