PBF4 interrupts the midi connection erratically and sometimes freezes

my PBF4 (end of 2020) interrupts the midi connection erratically and sometimes freezes.
this happens after a few minutes and at the latest after two hours.
tested under linux on several machines with different software. via usb hub and directly.
the PBF4 has only been in use at home for half a year, before that only sporadically.
i have tested several firmware versions between 2021 and the latest (Grid v1.2.29). the problem exists with all of them.
with the latest firmware (Grid v1.2.29) and editor i tried to clear the configuration on the device for each stage.
i use the bootloader from the factory.
any ideas how to fix/debug this ?


If you’re using an older module, there could be one more thing you could try.
Did you try to update the bootloader? The process is described here: Grid: Updating the bootloader | Intech Studio Documentation.

Altough the symptoms you’re describing, don’t really match up with this fix but it should be worth a try.

narayb thanks for the reply.

i updated the bootloader and firmware to the latest version but the random freezes persist.
i watched the the serial data for one day which outputs a contious stream.

19:35:18.572 → 19
19:35:18.572 → 002c0d717f7f00000000020eFrame Error 6 5b
19:35:18.762 → 00320e717f7f00000000010e014001021d00030d001f
19:35:18.994 → 00320f717f7f00000000010e014001021d00030d001c
19:35:19.259 → 003210717f7f00000000010e014001021d00030d004b
19:35:19.491 → 003211717f7f00000000010e014001021d00030d004a
19:35:19.724 → 003212717f7f00000000010e014001021d00030d0049
19:35:19.956 → 003213717f7f00000000010e014001021d00030d0048

without midiclient and one of the controls moved it says “MIDI TX: Packet Dropped!”:
19:35:25.825 → 003696717f7f00000000020eMIDI TX: Packet Dropped!09
19:35:25.825 → 003497717f7f00000000050e00040140000e00b0244046
19:35:25.825 → 003698717f7f00000000020eMIDI TX: Packet Dropped!07
19:35:25.825 → 003499717f7f00000000050e00040145000e00b0244548
19:35:25.825 → 00369a717f7f00000000020eMIDI TX: Packet Dropped!5e

it seems the module only freezes after an controll event occurs.
and then offcourse the midi connection drops.