PO16 Midi Learn in Logic Pro

Hey All,

Super new to all of this and zero programming skills, so your patience is appreciated!

I got the PO16 to be a “secondary” controller for the MiniFreak V vst, which I use as a plugin, within Logic Pro.

Using Logic’s Midi Learn function, I am assigning each pot to a specific controllable parameter in the MiniFreak VST.

I’m running into a problem where the 3rd and 4th banks on the PO16 are over-writing the learned functions from the first 2 banks.

Whereas I’m able to assign all 16 pots within banks 1 and 2, once I toggle over to bank 3, it starts “overwriting” previously assigned parameters from the first 2 banks.

I realize that this could totally come off as vague and unspecific (especially for those not familiar with Logic), so if more details are needed, let me know and I’ll do my best to provide.

Thanks, in advance, for any insights you might be able to provide!



Weird issue to be sure… So just to try and explain what I think should be happening:

Grid sends out MIDI CC messages by default from 32 to 47 on a PO16. When you switch “banks” the MIDI channel Grid sends these on changes as well, but the CC numbers stay the same.

In Logic, whichever control you map to a CC, it should disregard the MIDI channel in all cases.

For example if I try to map the first potentiometer on the PO16 on each “bank” or Page for 4 different things, the result will be that that one potentiometer will be controlling 4 parameters at the same time when turned.

However, this isn’t what’s happening to you at all…

To avoid this, I would suggest creating a Page to CC offset when creating CCs for each potentiometer in the local block in a config similar to this:


If I load that Profile onto each Page of the PO16, I will get different CCs on different Pages, when turning the same potentiometer.

This solves the issue of matching CCs at least, but I’m not sure if this would solve your problem completely.
Please try it and tell me more about this issue!

Thanks for this, @narayb!

Will give this a shot a bit later today and let you know how it goes!

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Hello again @narayb !

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back around to this.

So, I took the script you provided and loaded it into the local code block of each page on the PO16 - at least, I think I did it correctly . . .

I took some screenshots, but the system is only allowing me to upload one, per message . . . .

Unfortunately, after doing so, the results were identical, within the learn mode on Logic Pro.

I double-checked and, indeed, the CC values for pages 2, 3 and 4 (on the PO16) show up as identical, within the Learn Mode window.

I’m hoping that I’ve incorrectly applied the script that you provided.

Again, any feedback and instruction (for this noob) are very much appreciated!

Second screenshot of pasting code profile onto all 4 pages:

Hi! You should copy the link to your browser! It should prompt an open link in Editor dialog and the config will appear in your configs under Profile Cloud.

Doh! I suppose that should have been obvious.

Thank you VERY much for that clarification!

Hello again,

So, I have copied the link to my browser (tried both Safari and Chrome) and I get the following error within the Grid Editor:

Thanks again, for any help you can offer!



So sorry to only now reply about this. I made a mistake with the profile when sharing it, this is why you kept getting that error.

I made a new link, should now work without issue:

No worries @narayb !!!

This totally worked!

Everything is working perfectly now! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve got the PO16 controlling all of the “pots” on the MicroFreak V, inside Logic.


Thanks again!

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