[RFC] NRPN Actionblock in Grid Editor?

I opened an issue on github to see if there is any interest for NRPN midi action block for the Grid Editor.

What do you think? Is this widely supported by hardware and DAW’s?

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I think it would be an excellent addition to the ‘Action Blocks’. I’ve only setup one Grid profile to use NRPNs with my Digitone. It took a bit of reading to understand how the messages are sent but I was able to get it sorted out (and learn more about NRPNs in general).

It would be nice to have a function that you could pass NRPN related parameters to. To do it without a function requires anywhere between 3 to 4 midi_send() function calls. With the character limitation constraints, having a function would greatly reduce the number of characters needed to send NRPNs.

As for the prevalence of NRPN support, I seem to recall Sequential/DSI using them quite extensively. For the Elektron Digitone, a firmware update added fine control of all operators. These can only be controlled by NRPN. I think it is common enough that having an ‘Action Block’ to facilitate their programming would be greatly appreciated by the community.

I feel like this is one of the biggest strengths of the Grid controllers; being able to fully customize the MIDI interactions. If I wanted to use my MIDI Fighter Twister to do anything beyond what the last firmware supports (circa.2019) then, I would have to write my own custom firmware. That’s just not happening :slight_smile: