Routing of Midi-in

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I now use only one module, but if you use more, how is the midi-in routed? To all modules, so that in each module you need to filter the ‘replies’ that did not originate from it before you calculate or map the led index?

Yes, this is the case currently. The MIDI-RX lua APIs are currently being reworked to use a more flexible callback based architecture so expect changes in this area of the firmware.

For now the easiest way to handle RX would be to:

  1. set the self:button_number or encoder_number or potmeter_number template parameter of each control element to the desired CC number on the Init event. (It can be based on the module position calculated in the default config!)
  2. use the self:xxxx_number in the midi block when the control element is interacted.
  3. use a for-loop in the midi rx that will iterate from 0 to 15 and check element[i]:xxxx_number and compare it with the received CC number, if there is a match then set that elements led intensity based on the received control value!

Now, there is a pre-defined calculation of module position etc to midi ch/cc/note, that I tweaked for my own prupose.

Maybe standard functions that work both ways (mod/profile(1…4)/num >> ch/cc/note, ch/cc/note >> mod/profile(1…4)/num) could be provided, that still leave room for shift / bank enhancements that do not overlap with the standard ‘mappings’? Or the other way round, if you would route midi-in with standard calculations, how do we keep enough flexibility?

Explanations are good but examples are better, is there any community configs or piece of code we can get a look?

Edit: never mind, wrong answer to the right question. Next try :slight_smile:

What I did, probably this is too simple if you add modules because I ignore the channel in the MidiRx.

The use case is a start track for a DJ app. The respond is on a different channel, but same CC with a status value, 0 or 127, that I use to control the led belonging to the button. The num calculation in MidiRx for the led is the inverse of the id (CC) calculation for the button

Button midi send:

Midi Rx: