Scene control of Elektron Analog Rytm with BU16

I’m trying to remote control the scenes of my Elektron Rytm, to no avail.
the scenes are controlled by CC92. No scene selected is value 0, and then value 1 for scene 1, value 2 for scene 2,…
When one scene is selected, the previous one is deselected, and the current one can also be deselected by pressing it’s button again. ordinary toggle functions on the buttons don’t work, as one button has to disable all the other buttons and have their LED’s reflect the chosen scene.

How can this be done?
Also, is there a way to have the LED’s show which scene is selected on the Rytm when using it’s own pads?

This should all be doable on the BU16 except for the AR sending out MIDI to the Grid device. I don’t believe the AR sends MIDI out. I don’t own an AR but I do have an OT, DTII (formerly a DT), and a DN. There is a setting in the MIDI section for ‘encoder destination’ that can be set to internal or external (something to that effect). That ‘might’ send MIDI messages to external devices. If so then, Grid can be setup to receive MIDI messages and update LED values, and possibly, button states.

Edit: after skimming the manual, there appears to be a ‘Pad Destination’ setting that you can enable to send the corresponding CC when you press a pad. I would assume this would work as intended when the pads are in Scene mode.