Shared data structures between modules

It would open a lot of possibilities if it would be possible to share some data between modules. My personal use-cases where the grid controllers are controlling my bluebox in a live set as examples:

  • Right now I have a BU16 and a PO16. I don’t have enough space on the PO16 to map all parameters I need and sometimes I’d also like to change multiple values at the same time. I’d love to have a selection area on the BU16 where I can determine the targets of a single poti on the PO16.
  • For live performances it can be very useful to quickly engage or disable certain parameters. For example I set a poti on the PO16 to a certain value which is a sweet spot on a HPF and I want to go directly from there in a breakdown. But I don’t want it to be active the whole time so having a button which simulates a on/off switch (technically it sends either CC 0 or the CC value of the poti) would be helpful.
  • I think how I’d integrate a TEK2 into my setup. The big encoders could be cool performance controls in my live set. Ideally they would change multiple parameters at once for buildups or so. But the problem would be that some of these parameters are already configured at my PO16. This means that the PO16 would lose track of the values and once I want to use the PO16 again, there would be value jumps which is undesirable in a live set.
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Enabling cross module configuration is something we want to do next year! Thanks for the insight how this would benefit you - such comments help to lay down the development path.