Simple CC controller to effects device not working

I am trying to setup a basic situation where my PBF4 is a simple cc control to a line 6 Helix (guitar special effects pedal). I have my helix set to receive cc#11 for reverb effect mix. Helix is set to OMNI, so any channel is read by helix and processed.
Going to my PBF4, I have on the midi tab:
channel 0
Comm 176
parameter 11
parameter val

I have my MIDI out of my knot connected to MIDI in of Helix. Power source via USB-c goes to the knot first “USB-C” port. USB-HOST port of knot is connected to my PBF4 USB port - Everything is powered up. based on the fact that I think I configured things as best as I know how, I changed the color to something other than default for that first fader - So seeing that
different color tells me it loaded my profile OK. One thing I notice is: when I change fader positions of my CC11 - The LED lined up with USB-C is the only LED that changes brightness suggesting some kind of data going that way. My MIDI out which is where I want my data to go, remains constant brightness suggesting NO DATA - And that is what I see happening here
I’ve tried many variations of this, can’t get it to work.

I notice something else I think may be important. If I remove the knot from the equasion, meaning that I connect the programmed PBF4 to a host computer running my DAW software (studio 1 in this case) my theory is that changing the program fader for cc11 should produce some recordable activity in my DAW. I get NO MIDI chatter what so ever.

I also have a pretty good knowledge of MIDI communications. I built many electronic devices years ago that would respond to midi so I needed to understand that protocol and codes. Not sure what I am doing wrong here. Anyone know?

Hey folks, false alarm, I got this working… works great now… Think it was that a/b switch on the knot.

have a great day!!

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