TEK2 endless controller questions

Good day,

I have questions about using the TEK2 encoders as relative.

Background is that I’m considering to create a custom DJ controller. Main reason is that all DJ controllers have potentiometers instead of encoders for EQ, stems, filters etc. where I would like to have relative encoders with value feedback from the DJ app.

Trying to configure an endless controller for track seek / scratch on a deck. The questions:

  • It looks like the EC encoder mode block does not work with the TEK2 endless encoders, or am I missing something?
  • Found the ‘Endless Relative Mode Alter ver.’ cloud config that works with the TEK2 encoders. Used the endless_max to decrease the step size so that you can scratch / seek a track with better precision. It works nice in conjunction with the DJ app settings to get a good overall sensitivity and speed. Is this the right way to set-up the grid?
  • But a major question is how the relative mode is set in this configuration, could not figure it out and would not be able to create something like this from scratch.

Cheers, Bart.

Edit: Found some answer by RTFM …

Hi Bart!

The profile you used works as a relative mode 14-bit endless knob you can certainly use for DJ applications.

In our testing we used a TEK2 in a Traktor setup with relative encoders like here to do seeking when turning the knob as normal and scratching when turning the knob while it’s pushed.

The setup uses a bit of tweaking on the software side to make it a smooth experience, so it’s not something you could implement in any other software just by downloading the profile.

Let me know if the specific Traktor configuration can help you in any way and I’ll share it here.

Hi Narayb,

I think sharing the configuration would be helpful, although use Djay Pro. I now use 1 encoder for scratching that can be switched to one of the 4 decks using the buttons. Lua is easy to learn, as software architect professionally it is nice to do some programming again. I use a couple of midi fighters now for controlling at the moment. Initially I was quite happy with the TEK2, but after comparing to the twister the smoothness just needs to be better. :slight_smile:
If I increase the max value too much, the mapping to 63/65 midi message values becomes too strong, which is not possible to compensate in the Djay app speed/responsivness settings, but I think higher resolution is needed for smoothness.

Edit: Found the ‘Traktor TEK2’ from greg-intech, is this the example you were referring to?

Yes, on the Editor side that is the setup we used, but afaik it’s just a variation of the relative mode profile you’re already using.

The magic for the Traktor setup happens software side, in the config files of the Traktor controller setup menu, where Velocity and the smoothness of the rotation is adjusted.

This would be possible on the controller as well, if the self:endless_velocity() was already implemented, but alas it is not.

I’m unsure if your software has built in features like that, but it might be worth a look.

Yes, that is adjustable in Djay as well.
Major problem was initially that I tried the encoder functions iso the endless.

Btw., I’m now able to use the TEK2 with similar precision as with the twister. Great!