The Knot and Modular

Just wondering if anyone has tried the Knot with a modular synth array. I have a TRS to MIDI adapter and my Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 works great with the MIDI module I have. Just wondering if the Knot would work to control various aspects of my modular array.

If you were thinking about controlling CV / Gate parameters with Knot directly, that’s not possible. Although Knot has 3.5mm TRS jack sockets, those are only for MIDI signals.

Knot has now a MIDI merge function and we currently work on it to bring it closer to Grid’s extensive configuration options: we wan’t to make it possible to add midi processing code to Knot through Grid Editor.

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Thanks! Actually, I have a module with a standard 5-pin MIDI input in addition to CV and Gate. I am wondering how I could approach controlling the sound with one of my Intech controllers instead of my Launchkey Mini. I will report on this after I get The Knot.

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I have used Knot with a Eurorack system, using the lovely Yarns module as a MIDI-to-CV interface. It works well in my experience.

If it’s a Grid controller you’re looking to integrate with Eurorack, there are countless in-rack solutions that offer Host funcionality like the Polyend Poly2 or the Expert Sleepers FH series. Both of those have multiple CV and Gate outs for utilizing the many outputs of a Grid controller.

Very belatedly, thanks for this response!

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I can attest that the Grid modules work lovely with modular. However you will need a Midi to CV converter of some sort. For Eurorack, Expert Sleepers FH2 works great. In this case no Knot is required. I use a Knot for my MU system because it does not have USB host capabilities, just a 5 pin Din in. Both of my MIDI 2 CV converters have features hidden underneath the hood in which the Grid modules help bring out the full potential of the modules. For instances, with the FH2, on a single channel you can mix several different LFOs, adjust the speed, phase and amount. On that same channel you can add direct level offsets and Envelopes on which you can control every ADSR component. This is just touching the surface