Modules sudden death, fixed by forcing re-uploading the firmware

Hi All, this is happening to me probably more often than it should. Particularly when fiddling with my Grid modules - changing configuration, moving them around, writing scripts… - it often happens that one of the modules just stops responding. When snapping it back to another model, I see the lights go on for an instant and then nothing. Grid Editor also does not show it. I found that forcing a firmware update fixes it, but I wonder if there is a way to avoid the issue in the first place.



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I would assume that these modules are older models (purchased before May of 2023). This could mean that they are still using the outdated bootloader and that’s causing the crash of the firmware.

If that’s the case, working through this troubleshooting guide could help: Editor: Known issues | Intech Studio Documentation.

Thanks @narayb, I’ve just upgraded the boot loader on all my modules, let’s see if the situation improves.

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