Is possible to have 16 setups with EN16?

I’m a new user and I’m just getting to know the system.

Is it possible to create 16 different encoder configurations in single EN16? Specifically, I mean that, for example, I press EN1 and all 16 encoders have some CC and channel assigned to them. After pressing EN2, the configuration would change to a different one (different CC, different channel).

I had a similar question here:

You’ll find a good starting point in that topic. Cheers

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I just published a Profile called 64CRTL to Profile Cloud.

It’s a Profile with 64 user-customizable CCs arranged into 4 banks. You can switch between the banks using the top row of encoder push buttons. Active bank is highlighted with an animation.
When switching banks, the state of the previous bank is stored.

This way you can tailor each bank to a specific instrument while avoiding parameter jumps, even though the Profile is using absolute MIDI messages.

Give it a try, I feel like this is similar to what you were looking for. While it’s not 16 banks of custom parameters, it could be a starting point for a configuration like that.
In any case, I’m eager to hear your thoughts!


Wow, great! I was checking cloud profiles but there was only few EN16 profiles and nothing useful for me. Your profile seems to be what I need to start, I’ll check it - thanks!

BTW: This could be updated with global midi channel change and “somehow” extend every profile with option to change 1-12 midi channels (12 push buttons).

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I checked this profile and it actually works - there are four virtual settings within one page :slight_smile: I only saw that such a setup can be uploaded in each of the four directions, which basically theoretically suits my needs:)

…but there is a “but” and I don’t know if it can be overcome. I wanted to program my own CH/CC for each encoder of the four virtual pages, but either I misunderstand something or it’s not possible.

Changing the settings of the first encoder after setting the channel and CC to are hardcoded propagates to all four virtual sides. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong? Is it possible to set my own CH/CC for every 64 encoders?

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I made the Profile so that you could hand-craft the CCs and MIDI channels you need, but the idea of the setup was for a singular module.

Setting the individual CCs should happen under System Init with each bank having 8 ccs.
Setting the ch per bank happens similarly.

Change a,b,c,d values for switching out the CCs per bank of a,b,c,d.
Change chbanks values for switching out the MIDI Channel for each bank.

Hope this helps explain it!

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